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SCRIPT-FU plugin for the GIMP
(C) July 2000 by Roland Berger
Last update: 01JUNE2001

What it does:

It generates an animation from a text layer as shown in the headline. The effect looks like a laser, burning the text into the background.
The animation can be saved as animated GIF afterwards. It is intended to be used on websites.
Have a look at the demos below. Click the images to load the full animation!

How to use:

The script  works on a  two-layer-image: text layer as foreground (with a transparency mask) and one solid background layer.
Call the plugin  from the image's menu structure: / Script-Fu / Animators / Burn-In.
I suggest to use the defaults on the first run. Try an image size of 500x100 pixel. All parameters are in pixel.
Please note that you do not necessarily need a text layer as foreground!
Using special layer build-up, you can produce very nice effects like in the example below.
It is also nice to use rotation before and/or after the generation of the animation. Everything is possible!


Just save the appropriate script:
GIMP Version
Works fine
1.1, 1.2, 1.3
Works fine. If not - let me know!!!

Comments are welcome!
If you like the plugin, please drop me a mial: roland@fuchur.leute.server.de.NOSPAM"> (gerne auch auf Deutsch).

Installation on Linux systems:

Installation on Windows:

Clickable Demos:

Standard usage on a text with a solid black background
A very large script font
Without fadeout on the bazaronite font
Without fadeout (and without text!)
Same with fadeout
Text and shaddow are one layer
Dreams become true  ;-)
SFX with a special layer build-up. Here is the xcf-file.
Very complex effects are possible!

Some hints to keep the animations small:

In most cases, it  makes no sense to put an impressive but too large (>50KB) file in the head of your page. BTW - here is the *.xcf source of my headline. It's only 14KB!
Not everything may suit your purposes:


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